A.K.A – Survival Strategies in Three Parts

Cereals and Luca Lozano present:

Strategic Survival in Three Parts

Lucas Hunter adopts a different name for each creative discipline he is involved in, but the powerful and personal hand is evident in all his work. Partly through economic necessity, transferrable skills or artistic curiosity, and has developed his communication strategies to meet the professional demands and expectations from the niche scenes in which he operates.

During his days at university, he developed a keen appreciation of graffiti, photography, and illustration, fields in which he became active and started to make the connections which would serve him in his life as a professional. The AKA Luca Lozano produces, DJs and curates several record labels, whilst he undertakes graphic design work under the identity of Planetluke.com. Through all of his considerable output we can appreciate his skill at sampling obscure and forgotten cultural texts to explore the rudimentary aesthetics of the youth cultures he admired as an adolescent.

References to music, flyers and adverts that stem from 70s punk, 80s hip-hop and 90s rave are prevalent throughout his body of work, a homage to DIY scenes where one individual was responsible for all aspects of a production, a label or an event. The faults in the original texts are celebrated: a naïve melody, saturated snare, the hiss of a needle on a record. Images are stretched as if poorly photocopied, magnified beyond clear recognition, hastily cut to to the point of abstraction.

His latest experiments on canvas under another new AKA, finally using his given name, have allowed him to escape the control imposed by working with a computer, and the physical act of painting demonstrates his competence for analogue composition and striking images on a larger scale. Increasingly influenced by a refined selection of abstract painters to come from the outsider art and graffiti world, his productions are the latest development of bold, mature and determined artist.

by djomega3
(Barcelona 2017)

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