Digital Nomads & Negligible Senescence


Digital Nomads is a documentary film that is edited live in the cinema. The film is mixed live by the director presenting it, like a DJ would mix music. Digital Nomads is an archive of documentary portraits and impressions on cultural movements in the large, international metropolias. The director observes and interviews the new types of communities bonding in the English speaking generation brought up on internet. The narrative changes each time the project is presented, and as the archive grows the research enriches in new topics and locations. The original research project „Reality and Realness“ that inspired the film was elaborating on digital intimacy and the use of cameraphones and content produced by the characters themselves in the documentary cinema. The camera follows underground culture in New York, Amsterdam and Berlin. Filmmaker and Philosopher Julia Sokolnicka tries to answer questions of how will the future communities look like and what are the challenges and peculiarities of authentic bonding in the modern western economy. The film emphasizes on importance of dialogue and conversation as a tool of intellectual exploration and the dichotomy of the real space of social interactions and the space of technology.

JULIA SOKOLNICKA born in Warsaw in 1983 is an experimental and documentary filmmaker based in Amsterdam.
She’s an author of music, and dance videos and visual concepts for theatre and commercials.
As a researcher she moves between social philosophy, video and performance.
She collaborates with artists of different origins, working in Europe and in United States.
She studied Philosophy in Warsaw University and Film Directing in Wajda School and Katowice NFTS.
She graduated from Master of Film with an artistic research degree at Nederlandse Filmacademie in Amsterdam.
Her short documentary film “Side Roads” has received a number of international awards and a distribution in Polish cultural channels TVP Kultura and Ninateka.

ANNA SOBCZAK – Negligible Senescence
„Nanomedicine, life extension, AI, transhumanism are concepts thrown around a lot, but for now, in 2017 we still get older and, disappointingly, eventually die – many of the anti-ageing programs of our decade that present themselves as the spearheads of scientific research, may be seen as contemporary versions of the mythological Fountain of Youth. Scientists turn to phenomena like the Syndrome X or Negligible Senescence, in which organisms show no or almost no symptoms of ageing, ignoring the other fascinating side of the medal: Ageing and mortality of the individual became possible and necessary with the evolution of sexual reproduction. The genetic material of an organism could be passed to its descendants, turning itself disposable. Age and its attributed aesthetic repulsiveness are the very results and indispensable condition of sexual attraction and its mechanism.

The ongoing project Negligible Senescence invites viewers to share their most intimate sign of time on their body and the stories related to them. It is of big interest to me if these signs of „living in time“ caused people feelings of shame, sadness or pride. The close-up pictures are now being posted once a day on the Instagram account NegligibleSenescence and to be published in a book, to be flicked through like a photo album of human body geology. For KMMN an interactive installation will be prepared and the testimonies will be collected during the stay in Kassel through interviews with volontaries.

ANNA SOBCZAK works and lives between Napoli (IT) and Freiburg (D), focusing on collective experience and direct interaction as artistic tool.”

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