The School of Everything

June 13, 11 am -17 pm
The School of Everything as a continuation of Universitas. Krytyka Polityczna. Assembly for a new collective curriculum
Katja Ehrhardt, Sotirios Bahtsetzis, Joulia Strauss, Ahmad Alkhatieb, Sebastian Schäfer, Judith Holzer, Constantinos Amvrosiadis, Paul B. Preciado

The School of Everything

Concept: Joulia Strauss
Curator of the Symposion: Sotirios Bahtsetzis

Organized by AthenSYN in documenta 14 Kassel
In collaboration with Allianz Cultural Foundation

We build an educational system which consists of politically motivated and artistic initiatives for sharing knowledge, and of proposals by thinkers who see education as decisive for social change. Texts, documentations, manifestos and sketches of educational models are united in a Symposion entitled: The School of Everything. The Symposion takes place in both Kassel and Athens. We shift from learning to sharing. We decriminalize sharing because we would like to enjoy the pleasure of giving. We liberate ourselves from the strictures of “Homo Sapiens”, a construct imposed upon life. We will transform the educational system of Europe.

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