Relearning #4

Releraning #4

Louisa Jacobs plays with different layers of drawing, moving, sound and video. The room itself is the basic for recycling dialogs. This is a colaboration with GSPRCH that is initiated by Mira Hirtz, Maximilian Bauer, Louisa Jacobs and Nils Reuter.

doors open from 5 pm
Party with Zoka (Supa) from 8 pm
June-Septemer 2017

In OFFSPACE RELEARNING performers looking for already occupied spaces in Kassel – documenta14 offers a lot of them– in order to (de-)activate them. OFFSPACE claims these places in their practise of recycling. Performances will be e.g. at Friedrichsplatz, Tokonoma, Interim, Documenta-Halle etc.

Dates and info, mainly spontaneous, watch facebook

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